Determine Qingshan without relaxing to see how Zhejiang Xianju grasps major projects [double advance] work

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The excavator is intense operation, and the engineering vehicle shuttles back and forth ... On December 3, walk into the construction site of the Yafan Yuecheng project construction site in the fairy resort.Yasheng Yuecheng is the largest investment promotion project with the largest investment of single investment in the fairy resort. It is the provincial [152 project] project.The total investment of the project is about 2.5 billion yuan, and the plan is about 505 acres. It mainly builds a large indoor sports experience area, parent -child amusement, and boutique hotel group.

[‘strong drums and non -leakage’, the fourth quarter is a critical period for various work sprints.] A few days ago, at the Economic Situation Analysis Conference of Xianju County in the fourth quarter, Lin Hong's words of the secretary of the Xianju County Party Committee loudly.

Signing, starting, putting in production ... Since the fourth quarter, Xianju County has carried out the special activity of [paying close attention to six batches, sprinting for the four quarters].The key tasks of opening, project signing, promotion, and [urban and village dual reforms] have formed a new wave of development.

Hanging chart operations are difficult to break

Sprint in the fourth quarter, the most important thing is the sprint project.

[As long as you come to Xianju, I am responsible for the sun and rain, and you are responsible for thriving growth.] On the evening of October 13th, at the centralized signing and investment environment briefing meeting of Xianju County, the deputy secretary of the Xianju County Party Committee and the county magistrate Yan Hairong issued an invitation to all enterprises.That night, 15 projects including Evergrande Group Xianju New District Comprehensive Development Project, Sunac Hoshino Fairy Film and Television Cultural Tourism Town, Jingdong Xianju Digital Economy Industrial Park, Zhong Nuclear Hydropower Headquarters Economy, etc., were signed smoothly. The total investment of the plan is about 11.093 billion yuanEssence

On the morning of October 31st, Xianju County held a major project to start construction activities and the construction ceremony of the Asian Fan Yuecheng project.This time, 21 projects including Yasheng · Yuecheng, Fumin Villa, and ecological parking lots were concentrated, with a total investment of 18.44 billion yuan, covering the fields of infrastructure, ecological tourism, industrial development, and urban construction.

On November 19th, Xianyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. relocated the new district to successfully invest and trial production to form production capacity.

On the morning of November 23, the nation's first national park science and education base, the Xianju Biological Diversity Science and Education Center, started the [Sino -French Environment Year] the only project in the country, and it is also my country to fulfill the international [Biological Diversity Convention] and promote it. Important practice of the green development and reform of Xianju County.At 11 am on the same day, the construction ceremony was held in Xianju County's domestic waste incineration power generation project, marking the new model of the new model of the new model of the new model of the new model of the new model of the new model of garbage disposal [harmless, reduced, resource -based] in Xianju Diesel Wood Chipper County.

A number of new projects, a new contract for the project, a new project of the project, and a new batch of projects in the project ... Xianju County adheres to the construction of major projects and investment promotion as an economic work.5 X] Project advancement mechanism, the four sets of teams are rushing on the front line, responsible for leading, coordination, urging and other responsibilities, strictly implement the [hang chart operation] plan, responsible for the entire process of the project and the difficulty of breaking the difficult work, go deep into the front line, advance in command, and instructed, and the front command.Keep the time node, crack the blockage points, and ensure that the construction of the project has not yet started in the fourth quarter to ensure that the county's provincial and city mayor projects and city county mayor projects, provincial and cities [4 1] major project construction plan,Provincial and municipal key construction project plans to successfully complete the annual target tasks.

[Boom ...] On the afternoon of October 18th, with the collapse of the last immigration house of Shatou Village, Zhuxi Town, at this time, after 21 days of continuous fighting, Shatou TauThe demolition work of the three immigrant villages in Likeng and Kawaguchi has been successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.Since the launch of the demolition of immigration houses, the Zhuxi Reservoir Engineering Construction Headquarters, Zhuxi Town, and Immigration Village cadres cooperate together, give up the National Day holidays, and continue to fight.The empty, maintaining the order of the demolition, strengthening the safety supervision of house demolition, and ensuring the successful completion of the demolition work.

Zhuxi Reservoir Construction CHIPPER Shredd is the epitome of Xianju for the past four quarters to scramble for the progress of the day and night.In order to vigorously promote the construction of the project and drive the economic and social development of the county, since the fourth quarter, Xianju County has concentrated on the format of some key projects.Points, difficult points] Problem, conduct inspections and notes every week, and carry out list -based listing.By increasing coordination, to strengthen the efforts of coordination, accurately make efforts, and vigorously promote it, to crack the problems in a limited time, and the townships and towns and towns will effectively increase policy treatment and levy and demolition to ensure the smooth cracking points and difficulties.

In Xianju, they ran at the construction site of the project. The reporters saw that the tower crane stood high, and a large equipment was running full of horsepower.The disposal of the Jintai Railway, the disposal of the enterprise of inefficient industrial land, the theme hotel of Hilton Yilin, the double reform of the urban village, and the construction of [Beautiful Court] are seizing the time.

[100 -day tackling, the relocation of Chai Ridge will be one of the most memorable experiences in my life.] At 2:52 am on December 1st, Zheng Renzhong, a young man in Nanfeng Street in Xianju County, posted a state in the circle of friends.In this hundred days, he couldn't remember how many times the household interpreting the relocation policy, how many times he was rejected, and how many nights he had survived in the village office. The relocation of Shimulu Village in Chai Ling is a key project in Xianju County this year. However, due to the previous historical problems, the work resistance is very large, and the relocation work once stagnated.In May this year, the relocation and renovation work was officially launched again.In order to successfully promote the project process, Nanfeng Street carried forward the spirit of [I am a party member and I took the lead]. By mobilizing the entire street to participate, it was injecting a strong driving force into work.At the same time, the platform was set up between the four relocation teams, and the team competition mode was carried out.[Only in this way can each group be established to make a contest and make the relocation and renovation work better and faster.] Wu Jianyong, deputy leader of the relocation and renovation team of Nanfeng Street, said that in addition to competition, each group is also a relationship between mutual help and mutual assistance to jointly promote work development.As of November 30, 326 agreements have been signed with a signing rate of about 86%. True supervision and rigorous examination can promote the project to take effect.To this end, the inspection room of the Xianju County Party Committee and County Government, in the form of unannounced visits and on -site viewing, in accordance with the requirements of the task list, it urges all townships (streets) and responsible units to make full efforts to attack the projects and difficulties.From 4, 32 are sold.