[Dangdang Pioneer List for the People] Zhang Meihua, Xinchang Economic Development Zone: Everything is settled for the masses

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In Xinchang in November 2016, the tower was lined with a busy scene.Although it is a cold winter below minus, the reconstruction of shantytowns in the Malan Community of Xinchang Economic Development Zone is continuously heating up.Party members and cadres who insist on fighting at the front line of the shed reform work use their enthusiasm as hot, abandon the holiday break, and adopt the high -intensity working mode of [5+2] [White+Black] to promote the renovation of shantytowns to allow residents of shantytowns to residentsMake a livable dream as soon as possible.

Zhang Meihua, a member of the Shed Reform Headquarters of the Malan Community of Xinchang Economic Development Zone, is not allowed to be idle for a moment. Entering the cold winter, the people's living and living problems have always been hung in her heart.The Malanan sheds gave all the party members and cadres including her, and had a face -to -face, knee -to -knee communication opportunity with thousands of people, to make the party's mass line root fertile soil and lush branches.She deeply felt that the Malan shed changing is a baptism, one experience, purification, and a true and profound mass education for the party members and cadres who participated in it ...The masses are affordable

Among the 13 communities in the Xinchang Economic Development Zone, Ma Su used Malan as the first community to launch a shed reform to accelerate the pace of shantytowns.Time, heavy tasks, and high requirements. On August 24th, the shed reform work headquarters of the Maju Community of Xinchang Economic Development Zone was officially established. Comrade Zhang Meihua as one of the members of the headquarters and accepted this difficult with 11 other staff members.Task.Since the first special meeting of the community shed reform on August 25, the shed reform work of the Malu community has officially begun.

August 2016, with the launch of a new round of shed reform, Zhang Meihua walked into the Malan Shed area: narrow roads, dilapidated houses, and old facilities.In the dirty bungalow ... Seeing all this, Zhang Meihua secretly resolved in her heart, and must let the residents here live in a spacious and bright building to truly live the lives of people in the city.

History seems to be solidified in Maju, and in it, Zhang Meihua feels on the shoulders. She understands that the Malan shed is the people's livelihood project that benefits the Malaysian people., She wants to stab this difficult [hard bone].

In the eyes of many people, why is the demolition [the first difficulty in the world]?In Zhang Meihua's eyes, as long as it is transparent, there is no difficulty at all.Determining the area of the house is one of the focus of the residents in the shed reform work. From August 27, the members of the Malan Community shed reform work headquarters and the [self -reform commission] are divided into two groups to measure all the houses of the community.Comrade Zhang Meihua led a group of work. In just 4 days, it was used to verify more than 200 houses in the community.At the measuring work site, in order to ensure that the measurement data is accurate, she is not afraid of dirty or tired. She takes the lead in drilling the old house and climbing the wall, and insisting on a golden heart.The team members squatted together in the room to study in detail to ensure that the area of measurement should be included in a lot, and there should not be many incorporated.

The weather in August, the scorching sun is the season when mosquitoes raging. Every hundred years old houses, it is inevitable that it is a scene of weeds, broken walls, stagnation of water, dense cobweb, and rare people.If you have a stop, you will be bitten by mosquitoes, making measuring staff a headache.However, she didn't hesitate to put on thick trousers, sprayed some flower dew, and drilled in. She carefully studied the boundaries of the house and reasonably defined the neighborhood division, and meticulously carried out the measurement work.Often even the water forgot to drink, the water cups brought back to the office again, and immediately got up and immediately got up to measure and verify with the residents who had doubts.When she encountered a difficult problem for a while, she made a record one by one. After returning to the community, she went to the households to answer the uniform opinion through the [self -reform committee] members collectively discussed the unified opinion.

[Girl, I trust you, don't look at it, rest assured!] When Zhang Meihua gave the 90 -year -old Zhang Wencang, the old man was very grateful: [Thank you Communist Party for allowing me to live upstairs in my lifetime. You are serious, fair, and fair. I see it in my eyes!]

But sometimes when the neighborhood boundary is unclear, the father -son or brother property has disputes, it is often necessary to repeatedly verify the households 4 or 5 times to finally be determined.Her face was dark, her feet were broken, and the mixed body was bite by mosquito, but she was still happy to continue her work without complaints.The resident Yu Fu Sheng and Wang Lifang were good neighbors before. The relationship was very good. Before the area of the house, the two unanimously proposed the average area of the house.However, when the shed reform staff was measured, Yu Fu Sheng's daughter was dissatisfied with the average score and requested to measure it again according to the actual area of each family.In order to achieve a bowl of water, Zhang Meihua and his colleagues did not have difficulty, and climbed the ladder to climb to the top of the wall. The last two were very satisfied.

[The shed reform should hold the government's hands with the people of the people tens of millions of hands, and promote it together.] This is what Premier Li Keqiang said.

Shed reform work plan is the core of whether the shed reform of the Malu community can be successfully completed.After repeated discussions and extensive soliciting opinions, through many communities [two committees] meetings, [self -reform] meeting, joint meeting of the development zone party and government joint meeting, and community party members and residents' representative conferences, the [Xinchang Economic Development Zone MaThe construction of the shantytowned area of the Society of the Society] Clarified the principle of relocation and resettlement, resettlement policies, and reward methods.

[Mobilize the masses to participate and support shed reform, and talk about Diesel Wood Chipper.] Zhang Meihua said.During the research plan, Zhang Meihua and the members of the headquarters borrowed the advanced experience of other street shed reform work, and carefully studied the shed reform plan. They often discussed items one by one.Find other comrades and community cadres to discuss, boldly put forward their own opinions and suggestions at various conferences, and provide a lot of reasonable suggestions for the formulation of the plan.One of the important parts of determining the shed reform plan is to distribute the house for comments and solicit opinions and suggestions for residents.During the household work, Zhang Meihua and the community cadres formed a three -person group to visit the households of 48 households in the community. They distributed the plan to the households to explain the content of the plan for the residents and patiently listen to the opinions and suggestions of residents.In order to better answer the questions of residents, she keeps the content of the plan in her heart; in order to ensure that she does not miss a household, she will come to the door over and over again;Smile with a smile, no fire, patient and comforting, and carefully answered.Among the resident houses she was leaning, one of them had a strong resistance to the shed reform work. When she first entered the house, the draft she sent was torn in half on the spot, but she did not give up and continuedI don't tirelessly enter the household to communicate, and only this household has repeatedly launched the door 6 times, and eventually was recognized by residents.As soon as the entry work was over, she immediately organized and analyzed the situation of each household, and classified the suggestions and suggestions to further improve the shed reform plan.

Shed reform work has just begun. If it cannot be implemented, no matter how good the plan is.

Demolition compensation plan is agreed by residents to participate in the formulation and voting Crusher Machine.Zhang Meihua, who has rich experience in the grassroots level, quickly found the crux: [The shed reform is an important opportunity for the people to change the destiny for the masses. They all hope that the new house is larger and bigger.Fear of being unfair to execute the policy, you can't "measure a ruler to the end."]

Resident Zhang Yunhong and his father lived in division. When signing the agreement, his son signed, but his father did not sign, so his father went to question his son: [I do n’t sign, why do you sign, do n’t listen to Lao Tzu?] Zhang Yunhong said: [The government has given such a good policy, why not sign it?] Zhang Meihua went to mediate. It turned out that Zhang Yunhong's father's house had an alley. He wanted the staff to quantify the hutong.You open this mouth!In the end, Zhang Yunhong's father felt a loss and signed the agreement obediently.

After these things, Zhang Meihua had a lot of money.She knows that although they guide the masses to learn policies, understand policies, do not spread rumors, and do not believe in rumors, it is not enough to rely on publicity policies to let the masses see it with their own eyes.The son of the resident Zhang Qingli was serving as a soldier and wanted a special treatment. He came to the shed reform headquarters and said to Zhang Meihua: [My son is now an active soldier, always take care of it!] Zhang Meihua took out the relevant documents, carefully interpreted him, and told him: [Your son is serving in military service, and he has divided the corresponding area according to the plan requirements.Your son does not have the conditions to enjoy other care treatment during service, and your requests exceed the policy scope.After some explanation, Zhang Qingli was convinced.

Endlessness of the masses will be judged by the masses

[Malanan sheds not only make the masses affordable, but also return party members and cadres to the masses, serve the masses, let the masses judge, and provide growth for party members and cadres to grow up.The 'big melting furnace' allows them to be tempered into steel in the specific work of dealing with the grassroots.] Zhang Meihua said.She found the real value of a party member and cadre, that is, to serve the masses, and her joy was endless.

During the shed reform of the Malan Community, she is an ordinary staff member of the shed reform headquarters. In the work of the development zone authority, she has another identity.The director of the institute is responsible for the management of the entire department's business and personnel. As the core department of ensuring people's livelihood, there are heavy burdens and many tasks.However, while Zhang Meihua did a good job of shed reform, he did not relax the department's work at all. Through reasonable allocation of time and telephone coordination, he led department personnel to do a good job of condolences for the elderly, low guarantee issuance, distribution of living subsidies for the disabled, and preferring life.Subsidy distribution and other work to ensure that the department and sheds are correct.Everyone often joked that she is [one -hearted and two uses].

The masses are used to the figure of her dedication, listening to her selfless dedication, and getting up early every day to help the residents sign a contract ...

without weekend and no distinction between get off work, his working mode is [5+2 ] [White and Black]; explaining the households all day, my throat was cigarette.She was in spring, and she was silent. She completed the task of work, was recognized by the masses, and realized self -sublimation.

In the shed reform work, she is a hard -working, patient, and milder sister Zhang. In the department's work, she is a serious, decisive and diligent woman, but behind the work, she also assumes the responsibility of family life.Play the role of good mothers, good daughters, and good wives.She usually worked very busy during the day, she got up early and night, washing and housework for her husband and son; without time to buy things, she used the noon break to search the snack snacks that the elderly loved to eat from the Internet;I will take the college entrance examination next year. On this important life node, she takes time to study the college entrance examination policy and college information after work.While doing the work of the unit, she carefully runs her own home, and strives to be hard and tired of the small home.

[We are running on the streets and alleys and stick to the residents.She said that grassroots work is trivial and ordinary, but it is ordinary work that has achieved extraordinary achievements and extraordinary people.In the future, she will be actively acting as always to do her ability to do practical problems for the residents and become the intimate person of the residents. They will use dedication to return to the party and contribute their strength with youth. Edit: Lele Xinchang Economic Development Zone Conferry at High -tech Zone