Xinchang New District is about to take off!A new bridge will rise, and it may open to traffic in August

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On May 14th, at the construction site of Linjiang North Road Bridge Engineering, Daming New District, Daming City, Xinchang Economic Development Zone, the builders of the Fifth Engineering Bureau of China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering were under high temperature.Based on the lap pouring, the steel bars are underway.Wang Jianmin, executive deputy manager and technical person in charge of the construction unit, said happily: [At present, the progress of the engineering image has reached 85%. It is expected that the bridge will have traffic conditions in August.]

Linjiang North Road Project is the general contracting project of the Xinchang Economic Development Zone Infrastructure Engineering Project. As the main road of the city, the road is set up on the Huangze River (that is, Linjiang North Road Bridge), and the Xinxi Line is connected to the south.The north is connected to the north road, with a bridge of 252 meters long and 30 meters wide. It is a two -way four -lane design.The project started construction in May last year. On February 25 this year, the construction was resumed. Especially since the resumption of work, the construction unit has overcome difficulties, solved many difficult problems such as geological soft foundations, flood prevention and floods, and strongly promoted the project construction process.Wang Jianmin said that because the geological conditions of the bridge section are soft foundations, the main bridge is a three -span -empty -empty arch bridge, and the whole bridge is a cast -in -law structure.The combined bracket construction system of [steel pipe pile + steel load beam + Beretiang + full stand bracket] is used to ensure the quality and safety of the bridge.

The reporter learned that the Linjiang North Road Bridge project had a maximum of more than 200 construction personnel played, and more than 110 builders are currently active at the construction site every day.In order to ensure the construction progress, the project department conducted on -site assessment of the construction period of the Nankuqiao Bridge and the North Wood Shredder Chipper bridge, the main bridge section, and the tower machine.At the same time, item Commercial Wood Chipperer's headquarters report on the operating team related problems to ensure the quality of engineering construction.For example, the main arch ring of the main bridge section During the concrete pouring process, due to the inadequate reinforcement of the template, the base of the local main arch ring the bottom plate of the local main arch ring deformation, which leads to a depression at the bottom area of the main arch ring, and some template seams appear.After the project department managers were discovered, they immediately requested the operation team to carry out rectification and treatment in different methods such as polishing, hairy, and repair to ensure that the bridge quality is peaceful and beautiful.

Wang Xiaoxu told reporters that flood control is also one of the difficulties of the bridge construction.To this end, before the main flood season, the construction unit accelerated the completion of the main arch ring pouring, and used the measures of the Steel Steel platform to increase the water break to ensure the safety of construction.At the same time, after the main structure of Linjiang North Road Bridge was fully completed at the end of July, the follow -up links of decoration, bridge deck paving, and pipeline layout will be carried out. Chipper Shredd will laid the foundation for the traffic conditions in August.

The staff of the investment service center of the Xinchang Economic Development Zone and the project housekeeper Liang Xiaokai said that after the completion of Linjiang North Road and the bridge, it can not only add a beautiful scenery to Huang Zejiang, but also improve the structure of the block road network of Daming City and enhance the enhancement.It is of great significance to have radiation capabilities in the New District of Daming City, drive the development of related industries, and improve the travel conditions of surrounding residents.

Original title: Linjiang North Road Bridge has the traffic conditions in August, and the engineering image has been completed by 85% (VIA. Xinchang Rong Media Center)