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Typhoon [Fireworks] Latest News

Typhoon Emergency Alert: [Fireworks] The latest expected landing location is here

Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory will release typhoon emergency alert: [Fireworks] will be available in the area of Zhoushan to Sanmen Bay from tomorrow afternoon.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, at 10:00 on July 24, the center of the typhoon [Fireworks] was located at 26.5 degrees north latitude and 124.6 degrees east longitude.About 420 kilometers from the southeast of Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province, it is expected to move north to west at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will not change much.

Affected by this, since yesterday, the city of Shaoxing has declined with heavy rain, with an average rainfall of 59 mm, of which 79 mm, Zhuji 76 mm, Yuecheng 51 mm, Shangyu 51 mm, Xinchang 48 mm, and 41 mm in Puzhou.Precious water phenomenon.

Typhoon [Fireworks] Close to

Shaoxing is acting!

On the afternoon of July 23, Ma Weiguang, the secretary of the municipal party committee, went to construction projects, water conservancy facilities, underground space management units, etc., and inspected the flood prevention platform on the spot.He emphasized that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on flood prevention and disaster relief work must be fully implemented, strictly implemented the requirements of the central and provincial and provincial government's deployment requirements, paid an eye on weak links and key parts, strictly wait for the flood prevention platform to ensure the maximum to ensure the massesLife and property safety and urban operation safety.City leaders Du Xuliang and Lu Wei participated.

Ma Weiguang first came to the construction site of Railway Road Station at Railway 2 to check the situation of emergency equipment and materials, and communicated in depth with the person in charge of the Shaoxing Rail Transit Emergency Rescue Corps.Prepare all the influence of typhoons.Subsequently, he came to the construction site of Block A of Jinghu General Hospital of the Municipal People's Hospital to learn about the implementation of the measures of various flood prevention platforms and engineering safety management.Safety.

Ma Weiguang also came to the Mahai Gate, inspect the management of key positions and equipment operation in the field, and the operation of the equipment. Looking at the current water level in Cao'e River, it is required to pay close attention to the development of the typhoon.Inspection and inspection, effectively play a good role in regulating.The Pingjiang Road Tunnel is the bottom tunnel of the Lake Di Di Lake, and it is also the main traffic road in the north and south directions of Yuecheng District.Maintain high degree of vigilance, make a detailed plan, and strictly prevent the stagnation of tunnel water, and ensure that the tunnel is safe and orderly.

Ma Weiguang emphasized that all levels and departments must adhere to the people's supremacy and life first, and take the defense typhoon [Fireworks] as the current leading events.The defense preparation and response measures, strive to minimize the losses that the typhoon may cause.It is necessary to give full play to the role of party organizations at all levels and the role of the vanguard of the majority of party members, scientific organizational meteorological forecast early warning, risk hidden danger investigation and control, emergency force deployment scheduling, pre -leakage of water network, personnel transfer evacuation, urban operation safety, special massesBasic living security, [vegetable basket] supply stable supply, etc., can make effective command, strong response, and disposal, and comprehensively capture the first battle of the flood prevention platform this year.

In order to do a good job of defense, yesterday at 13 o'clock, the market defense refers to the emergency response of typhoons (geological disasters) to level III, and at 17:00 to level II.All defense work.

Drum Wood Chipper

The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee issued a notice, requiring the city's grass -roots party organizations and the majority of party members and cadres to give full play to the role of party organizations at all levels in the flood prevention of Taiwan and the pioneering role of party members.

City Defense Independence Office (Emergency Administration)

City Defense Independence Office (Emergency Management Bureau) issued 2 registered supervisors, hidden dangers of industrial issues such as electricity, construction, etc.Work Guidance Standards], further strengthen safety prevention and precise prevention.In accordance with the spirit of the provincial and municipal Taiwan defense meeting and the requirements of provincial and municipal leaders, the main leaders of each district (city, county) further deployed local defense measures.

Shaoxing Emergency Administration announced the Social emergency force rescue telephone of Shaoxing City. If someone around you need emergency rescue, you can call the following call for help.↓↓↓

In order to deal with typhoon [Fireworks], Shaoxing Rail Transit Group Operation Branch set up a flood prevention inspection team, focusing on personnel flood control training drills, stations flood control materials configuration, underground station entry and exit wastewater pump real -time state statusIn terms of aspects, check the entire line of the Keqiao section of Line 1.Each participating unit has increased on -site investigation. As of now, a total of 25 cement cans, 168 large equipment, 2199 Linjian board houses, and 21,000 meters enclosure reinforcement reinforcement has been completed.Essence

Municipal Rail Group arranged 53 participating units and more than 426 people to conduct a 24 -hour duty and inspection inspection of the project.At the same time, more than 181 large and small pumps, more than 1,3600 sandbags and other emergency materials, rail transit emergency rescue teams and 18 project emergency rescue teams were standing at any time.

Shaoxing Fire Rescue Division

The city's fire rescue team entered a state of war and established a city -level rescue professional team composed of 40 people and six stations each consisting of 8 people.Flood emergency rescue plan, comprehensively inspect and maintain personal protection, rubber boats, throwers, floating ropes, UPS, communication equipment and other waters such as rescue equipment and emergency communication equipment to ensure that all equipment and equipment are complete and easy to ensure that once the danger occurs, it can be possible.Quickly invest in the rescue and disaster relief operation, and achieve [call comes, the coming of the coming, and the victory of the war].

Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement Team law enforcement personnel conducted safety inspections of drainage and waterlogging facilities of highway service areas and underground channels for toll stations, eliminated hidden safety hazards, and righteous on -site reinforcement to be blown down by typhoons.

The staff of the Municipal Public Transport Center carried out drainage pump maintenance work on the Takahashi of the 104 National Highway 104, and carried out the border ditch dredging work on the Shaogan Line to ensure smooth drainage.

• The trees are prone to falling down when the typhoon strikes, and the impact on urban transportation.At present, more than 700 people have mobilized the Garden Green Management Center of Yuecheng District to form 43 inspection teams to support reinforcements on the ancient trees and sidewalk trees along the road along the road in the main urban area, and timely investigate the high -altitude dangers of outdoor billboards.According to Xu Bo, director of the Garden Green Management Center of Yuecheng District, some tall Joe Wood Crusher has undergone emergency treatment. In case the lane trees fall down and affect traffic, reserve duty officers will conduct emergency treatment in a timely manner. according to the Municipal Cultural and Broadcasting Bureau, according to the degree of influence, response level, and the decision of the local people's government, the A -level scenic spot that has a greater impact on typhoons has been suspended.As of now, the city has closed 27 A -level tourist scenic spots and 9 other tourist attractions. Requires the suspension of operations in the A -level scenic spot, high -altitude, high -speed, and other high -risk outdoor projects according to the degree of impact and response level of typhoon.There are currently 11 cities in the city. Require large outdoor culture and tourism activities to suspend or postpone the degree of impact and response levels according to typhoons. Insufficient travel agencies to suspend group tourism in the typhoon in a larger area, timely adjust the itinerary plan, and do a good job of dissuasion, evacuation, and transfer of tourists.At present, the city's travel agencies have canceled or suspended 741 team tourists. suspended the city's cultural and tourism systems under construction high -altitude operations and water operations; temporary sheds and low -lying areas of construction personnel must evacuate in time. Strengthen the inspection of public cultural venues, A -level scenic spots, star hotels, cultural relics protection units, etc., do a good job of investigation of hidden dangers and the transfer and reinforcement of outdoor facilities, focus on roof suspension, billboards, curtain walls, etc.Safety and underground parking space -related safety work DIESEL Wood Chipper. Municipal Development and Reform Commission The Grain Line of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission Implementation [Zhejiang Province Food and Material Reserve Bureau on Effectively Doing a Good Defense Defense 2021 Typhoon No. 6 work] and other requirements] Strengthen the food and food acquisition stations, grain acquisition sites, grain food acquisition sites, grain acquisition sites, grain acquisition sites, grain purchase stationsCheck out key places and weak links such as the wholesale market, and timely issue early warning to the grain enterprises and grass -roots grain depot material storage and actively guide the prevention work.Ensure that the food supply is sufficient and the price is stable. Energy line issued [Emergency notice on doing a good job of preventing the stability of energy and preservation of energy and preservation of energy in Taiwan], implement the responsibility for protection and supervision of long oil and gas transmission pipelines, strictly urge pipeline enterprises to do a good job of typhoon defense protection measures, and take a good job in oil and gas pipelines in time.The emergency plan for the issue of the incident is launched, and the operation monitoring of the provincial energy bureau is reported to the Provincial Energy Administration at 7:15 and 17:15 every day. Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau pay close attention to the typhoon dynamics, strengthen the consultation with the meteorological departments, and do a good job of early warning and forecasting of geological disasters.A total of 8 warnings issued by the two levels of the city and county sent 3599 SMS. The Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau organized the investigation of hidden dangers of geological disaster risks, especially to strengthen prevention prevention of towns and villages that have undergone 6.10 rainfall in the early stage. It is strictly forbidden to resettle the return of the people and resolutely prevent danger and disaster again.The bureau's leadership leaders went to Keqiao, Zhuji to carry out special inspections on Taiwan's anti -prevention and geological disaster.The application of land disaster and intelligence APP has strengthened dynamic inspections. At present, the city has organized 1,584 geological disaster inspections. City Public Transport Group conducts inspection and reinforcement of facilities and equipment such as simple work sheds, temporary stations, outdoor advertisements, and stop signs (advertisements), and improves emergency plans such as collapse and leakage.Earlier rescue equipment such as water pumps and generators can be tested to eliminate faults and ensure that the facilities and equipment performance is good and available.Clean up and combine the drainage pipeline of the low -preciluing water, and ensure the normal performance of the function of the drainage facilities. City Public Transport Group conducts air prevention inspections of Taiwan ’s flood prevention in key areas such as the secondary bus, Linhe Linya Mountain District, repairing the workplace, and warehouse, and take effective measures for the risks or hidden dangers found in time to implement closed -loop disposal.For the driver's one -to -one instructions, strictly follow the "winding, stop, stop] safe operation requirements, and urge the implementation of active risk aversion.Combined with the [Precautions for the use of new energy vehicles in the summer of severe weather in the summer], the landing of driving operations is well implemented, and the safety and water -related requirements of vehicle models such as driving operations are regulated. The above is preparation for some units to prevent Taiwan's anti -Taiwan anti -Taiwan and Taiwan. For more information, please pay attention to follow -up reports. 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