Ensure that early warning information is transmitted in place, Dongguan fully implements flood prevention safety

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At present, Dongguan has effectively grasped various defensive work, comprehensively adheres to, focused on defense, investigating hidden dangers, and normal alerts to ensure that the flood prevention [seven, eight below] is successfully passed.On August 19th, in the face of typhoon [Hygos], the towns (parks) in Dongguan (parks) were strengthened to strengthen emergency duty, monitoring water love and rain in real time, and implementing various defense measures.

Strictly grasp the various defense work

On the morning of August 19th, Li Huiming, deputy secretary of the Qingxi Town Committee and the mayor of the town committee, and Yuan Shiwang, deputy secretary of the town committee, led the town to supervise the town's typhoon [Haijus] defense work.Li Huiming and his party first came to the Town Third Defense Office (Emergency Management Branch). Through video surveillance, the flood prevention situation of key monitoring points such as reservoir and waterlogging points in the town was dispatched in real time.

Wood Shredder Li Huiming led the team to Qingxi Lake to see the flood situation, and learned in detail the water level and flooding of the reservoir.Li Huiming said that it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation of water conservancy facilities, geological disasters, and waterlogging points such as river embankments, flood discharge gates, and effectively achieve [five in place], that is, leading cadres in place, response measures, rescue forces in place, emergency emergency, emergency emergencyThe supplies are in place and the early warning information is transmitted in place, and the defense work is grasped strictly.

In Huangjiang Town, on the morning of the 19th, the Town Emergency Management Bureau implemented duty on duty at the level of response, and did a good job of preventing urban waterlogging.Town Emergency Management Branch, Urban Management Branch, Water Operation Center, Natural Resources Branch, Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau, Power Supply Branch, and community (village) quickly act, strengthen various waterlogging points, geological disasters, housing, and old houses.Inspection of key areas.The town dispatched a total of 625 person -times and the hidden dangers of 125 vehicles were inspected. No abnormal situation was found.

Town Armed Forces, Fire Rescue Brigade, and Water Operation Center formed 106 flood control and wind -proof emergency rescue teams, reserving 9 rubber boats, 1040 life jackets, 618 raincoats, and rescue circles to prepare for the rescue.

In Dalang Town, on the morning of August 18, Dalang Town quickly held a three -defense meeting meeting to deploy various defense preparations.The meeting requested that all departments should quickly enter the state of wartime, tighten the string of preventing the flood, anti -strong platform, stealing danger, and rescue the disaster, and do their best to do a good job of defense.

Dalang requires various departments to strictly implement the 24 -hour duty and leadership class system. If an emergencies are encountered, they must be dealt with immediately and report immediately.At the same time, highlight the inspection and defense of key parts of the weak links, strengthen the hidden dangers of outdoor billboards such as tower cranes, lifts, high -altitude structures, simple factories, temporary sheds, waterlogging points, geological disasters, etc., and do a good job of urban and rural drainageWork to strengthen safety supervision of hazardous chemical companies.

In Liaobu Town, in order to do a good job in the defense of typhoons [Hyogos], on August 18, Liaobu Town held a three -defense work meeting to conduct special deployment.The meeting requested the relevant departments to conduct a hidden danger investigation immediately, and focuses on the outdoor billboards, street lights, high -altitude structures, suspension, construction tower cranes, underground car Wood Chipper libraries, and rural dilapidated houses, simple sheds, old houses, temporary buildings, etc.Reinforcement security measures.All construction sites and engineering projects in the area of Liaobu must obey the requirements of typhoons and do a good job of personnel transfer work. It is the lowest requirement to ensure the safety of people.

Liaobu Town is mainly targeted at waterlogging points, dredging of drainage systems, electricity communication lines and equipment maintenance, construction sites, dilapidated houses and geological disasters.Investigate 126 projects and remove 1 hidden danger.

quickly launch the emergency plan

On August 19, the deputy secretary of the Ma Yong town party committee and the mayor Tan Xu cotton, Xue Youdong, chairman of the town people's congress, and Huang Lixiang, deputy secretary of the town committee, led the relevant departments to the river embankment, sluice, drainage station and other placesInspection.Everywhere, Tan Xu cotton viewed and proposed improvement measures to carefully check the conditions of river, river workers, embankments, and sluice projects.

Typhoon [Hyogos] Before and after landing, Ma Yong quickly launched an emergency plan. All units and departments, villages (communities) quickly responded to Crusher Machine, each performed their duties, dispatched multiple working groups to investigate hidden safety hazards and do a good job of defense.

Prior to this, the inspection team of Ma Chung Town went deep into the river enterprises, water conservancy facilities, and town avoidance places for safety inspection.The inspection team went to Linghe Enterprise Guangdong Keli Shipping Co., Ltd. to inspect the work measures, safety and windproof flood prevention work measures for the corporate mobile flood prevention wall.At the same time, I checked the independent drainage stations to understand the management and operation of the drainage station in depth.Zheng Wenji requested the technical staff of the Water Affairs Center to do a good job of inspection and repair of equipment and facilities of drainage stations in advance to ensure the normal operation of power supply and equipment and facilities.

In Gaoyao Town, in order to do a good job of typhoon defense, the town's functional departments such as building, water, emergency, urban management, transportation, traffic police, grids and other functional departments focus on outdoor billboards, street lights, high -altitude structures, suspension, construction, construction, constructionTower cranes, underground garage and rural dilapidated houses, simple sheds, old houses, and temporary buildings have been carried out.During the period, the town dispatched a total of 401 inspections and maintenance personnel, cleaned 326 lower sewer mouths, inspected 2 seats in domestic waste landfills, cleaned 2.4 tons of garbage, inspected 40 lighting facilities, inspected 3 construction sites, and found no hidden dangers for the time beingEssence 村 Village (community) quickly implement various typhoon defense work in accordance with the established emergency plan.As of now, there are 259 staff members of each village (community), 43 vehicles dispatched vehicles, 78 key drainage outlets, and 3 special groups of special groups.Inner dangerous houses are closed. [Reporter] He Jianwen [Author] He Jianwen [Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+ Client Source: Southern+ -Create more value