5G is really here!There are 5G signals in these places in Jiaojiang, do you have it?

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5G is a key new infrastructure that supports economic and social Commercial Wood Chipperer

on May 15th, China Mobile Taizhou Branch held an announcement of mobile 5G in Taizhou.coming!

On May 14, 2019, Taizhou Mobile opened the first 5G phone of Dachen Island and kicked off the prelude to Taizhou 5G.After a year of development, as of now, key areas such as Park Plaza, Airport Railway Station, major complexes, and vegetable farm hospitals in Taizhou have achieved mobile 5G network coverage. Citizen friends can use mobile 5G networks when shopping and park leisure.Essence

According to reports, Taizhou Mobile has completed nearly 2,400 5G site planning, and has opened nearly 1,100 5G sites. The construction of all planning sites will be completed at the end of June.The scenic area is continuously covered.

without leaving home [Cloud] Tour Taizhou

Recently, Zhejiang Mobile 5G video products [Love to watch VR] officially landed on major application markets.The third -screen video product launched after the Broadband TV) and the small screen (Migu Aiwang), mainly for 5G individuals and home users. At present, the 5G mobile phone naked eye version, 5G mobile phone+VR peripheral version, VR all -in -one version, etc.Multiple versions.Users can wear VR all -in -one machines, watch the 8K ultra -high -definition VR video through the [Love VR] APP, watch the split VR glasses or Cardboard VR glasses, experience the panoramic VR lightly, and you can easily look at VR.

Taizhou Mobile will build a panoramic Taizhou tourism project based on the [Love VR] platform. Through VR devices or Migu loves to see the VR channel on the APP, you can visit Taizhou in 360 degrees.Live, Dachen Island, Taizhou Fucheng Linhai panoramic video and other contents have all been launched.Citizens do not go home, travel through Taizhou anytime, anywhere, and realize their travel travel.

It is understood that in the application of 5G industry, Taizhou Mobile also actively explores the 5G innovation application of vertical industries, focusing on the seven hundred billion industrial groups and 21 blocks of economic industries, focusing on the industrial Internet, smart cities, smart parks, no oneThe construction of the five major fields of machines and new media has carried out platform construction to create new scenarios and new experiences for 5G industry applications. [5G+Smart City]: In -depth applications in the fields of data resources, credit information, comprehensive governance, etc., explore the construction of [urban brain], forming police drones, remote drone cranes, etc.Manufacturing]: Focus on the capacity support of 5G technology in the capacity of automatic control, auxiliary assembly, quality control, remote operation and maintenance, etc., to form applications such as the Zhonghao 5G Internet of Things connection management platform. [5G life will become more and more exciting. On the one hand, we will further speed up and reduce fees to strengthen the 5G customer rights system.On the other hand, Wood Crusher will continue to create a win -win video ecosystem of cooperation, establish a integration and open content ecosystem, help industrial monetization, and share promotion results.] Jiaojiang? (Original title [5G is really here! Jiaojiang has 5G signals, do you have it?], Editor: Crusher Machine Ronini)