Our QTZ40 Tower Crane in Bangladesh

Time:2022-09-21 09:22:53 Author:Mr. Ning


Our engineers went to Bangladesh to install our tower crane for our customer.

QTZ40 tower crane is characterized novel structure and reliable running. All the accessories are adopted domestic famous brand and electrical components from foreign famous brands. And it is composed by hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, trolley mechanism, self-raising mechanism and other components.

Parameters of our QTZ40 Tower Crane:

Model: QTZ40 (4708/4510)

Radius: 47/45M

Hook Height: 32.5M

Max. Height: 100M

Max. hoisting Capacity:4T

Standard Mast Section Size: 1.5x1.5x2.5M

Hoisting Speed: 76/38r/min

Slewing Speed: 0.77r/min

Luffing Speed: 43.2/21.6m/min

After the installation, our technicians commissioning the machine, everything goes well. And also train the operators for our customer.



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