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    Product Brief: A company specializing in the manufacture and sale of Concrete Pump-Jinan Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd

With the advanced technology of electric motor concrete pump in the world, Saitong integrates with the improved experience and product concept to meet the requirement of high efficiency and low consumption of modern construction. The hydraulic system adopts double-pump double-circuit, and the pumping unit adopts the original high-pressure and large displacement variable oil pump. The product is widely used in urban construction, water conservancy, and tunnel construction.

World famous heavy load hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.

• Efficient pumping system

Pumping displacement variable adjustment: Change the pumping displacement according to the construction to meet the requirement of the condition.

• Excellent electric control system

• Strong power system

The main power could be adjusted by the user;

The optional diesel power includes famous brands such as Volvo, Shangchai, Caterpillar and Weichai.

The optional main oil pump is Rexroth or Kawasaki.

• Reliable hydraulic system

The unique open hydraulic system and hydraulic cushion technology contribute to the smaller exchange impact and less heat of the system. Meanwhile, with the famous brand of main pump and hydraulic valve, the safety and reliability of the concrete pump are guaranteed. 

The hydraulic pipeline selects the high performance seamless steel pipes and all pipe joints and high-pressure hoses are of the famous brands. 

A number of high pressure accumulators and their excellent cushion performance reduce the requirement of S pipe vale for the concrete. The concrete is delivered freely. 

• Efficient pumping system

Reducing design of the hopper could release the reducing pressure of the concrete into the delivery pipe maximally, and prolong the service life of the S pipe outlet. 

The large torque mixing system features large torque and easy to disassemble, which is convenient for the disassembly of the mixing axle and repair.

Pumping displacement stepless adjustment: achieve the stepless adjustment of the pumping speed. Change the pumping displacement according to the operation condition. 

• Outstanding electronic control system 

Humanity and intelligent electronic control system optimizes the person-machine interface. Intelligent control: monitor the machine entirely and display the working status of the machine by text. The optimized interlock design could avoid the accident due to maloperation. Multiple automatic protection modes are set in the control process to avoid maloperation and improve the reliability of the system.

Memory function of keeping original status for the pumping. 

8-digital pumping time accumulation timer provides exact data for the user in terms of the operation condition of the product. 

Automatic anti-pump function and optimized program design. 

Automatic trouble monitoring function.

Theoretical output (m3/h)


Max. delivery pressure (MPa)  


Hydraulic system type 

Open type 

Power type 


Rotation speed (r/min) 


Diesel brand

User preference

Power (KW) 


Distributing valve type

Slide valve

Cylinder bore (mm)


Delivery cylinder bore (mm)


High-low pressure switch


Fuel tank capacity (L)


Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L)


Hopper capacity (m³)


Filling height (mm)


Dimension (mm)


Overall weight (kg)


HBT100-08-156R Concrete Pump

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